Love is in the air & it smells like brownies!

brownie_pizzaWe’re cresting upon a new age of DIY… where we indeed, do it ourselves. Given a bleak financial outlook by many economic strategists this year, many families choose instead to look toward the positive. In place of expensive vacations, parents are finding fun and engaging activities to keep kids entertained during holidays. This Valentines Day, whether you are a frugal parent, a fun uncle, or just a budget conscious ordinary Joe looking for an interesting culinary project, look to the Home Baking Association for help.

Those heart shaped cookies, and pink and red goodies can cost a fortune… for office parties, classrooms, or the dining room table. Why not create something fun and delicious yourself? During the month of February the Home Baking Association presents the Bake for Family Fun Month; each week offering the latest tips and recipes for folks to enjoy. For example, have you ever considered making a Brownie Pizza? It doesn’t take much convincing to get someone to go to for more information.

And as a special treat, stay tuned to our site each month for exciting updates. We offer special promotions, contests, and each month present the latest and greatest in the baking world.

Do you have a baking question that is burning a hole in your recipe filing cabinet? Do you want to chat with some of the best bakers in the United States? Send us a note… we’ll see what we can do.

Find the recipe for Brownie Pizza here


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