All About Butter: History, Fun Facts & Great Recipes

Here’s a little history trivia for you: A.C. Richardson patented the butter churn in 1891!  See why a better butter churn was great news… and take a turn at “churning” your own butter:


  • small plastic tub with sealing lid
  • whipping cream
  • paper towel
  • salt

1. Fill a small plastic tub half full with heavy whipping cream.

2. Add three clean marbles, seal the tub and take turns shaking vigorously for 15 minutes or until the liquid separates into buttermilk and lumps of butter.

3. Pour off the liquid. Wrap the butter in a sturdy paper towel or cheese cloth to squeeze out the last liquid.  Lightly salt the butter, if desired, and spread on a fresh biscuit, cracker or bread.

Print out other great activities about African American Inventors found at

Another Idea! Why not make a simple cracker as well? Children and adults will love this cracker bread made with real butter and buttermilk. Find the Sesame or Flax Seed Cracker Bread recipe here.

Fun Fact: Sesame seeds are also called benne seeds.  They come from the plant Sesamum indicum   which belongs to the family pedaliaceae (unicorn plant family).  Today they are grown mostly in India but originate in Africa.


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