Summer Is Here and So Are the Zucchini! What Now?

Summer is here and you may have found yourself swimming in wheel barrow loads full of ripe zucchini! What to do? Sharon Davis from the Home Baking Association offers these great options. Don’t let these delicious vegetables rot on the vine…

  • Fresh garden veggies, like zucchini, are great for baking.  Don’t want to heat your house?  Bread machines are SO nice that way!  If the grill’s fired up that’s good too!
  • Stop by your garden or fresh food market and match these breads with a salad for a savory summer meal.
  • Want to make Zesty Zucchini Twists? Click here for the recipe.
  • When you’re swimming in zucchini, it’s time to try something new: Zucchini Rich Buns
  • If you’re picking or buying that Super Sweet Corn already, don’t miss this simple summer mealtime recipe, Light and Fluffy Corn Cakes, shared with us by the River Bend Camp Fire USA Council, South Bend, IN! Click on Educator Resources at

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