5 Thanksgiving Tips!

thanksgiving1. Wondering what you can do for guests with special diet needs this Thanksgiving week?  Whether it’s breakfast, brunch, coffee or dessert, check out the resource Baking for Special Needs for how to adapt recipes without egg, dairy, wheat or gluten.  www.homebaking.org

2. Needing to bake for company with less sugar?  C&H Sugar and Domino Sugar have a new product designed for you!  The natural sweetener Stevia and sugar are teamed for your success.  Domino Sugar     CH Sugar

3. National Bread Month and family meal times are a great time to experience bread-like-the-pros at home!  Red Star Yeast Platinum Yeast strengthens your dough for a higher lighter rise you’ll love.  Try it with your favorite whole grain breads and rolls too.  Recipes plus more at redstaryeast.com/platinum

4. So many great recipes call for sour cream or crème fraiche!  Cabot Creamery professionals recommends this successful substitution:

1 CUP sour cream or crème fraiche —–> 1 CUP 2% or 10% Plain Greek-Style Yogurt

More dairy fresh baking at www.cabotcheese.coop

5. Preschool bakers rule!  Check out the preschool “Bakeworks” favorite recipe for your next bake sale or special event: Coconut-Caramel Triangles in this latest Home Baking Association lesson. www.homebaking.org


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