May is a great time to get baking!

May is a natural for Bicycle Month!  Loving the time outdoors AND the great snacks I can eat to fuel the ride!  Two tough enough for the ride are Soft Pretzels and Bagels.

A great Quick and Easy soft pretzels can be found here!

Bagels are so easy to grab and go!  There’s the basic bagel, click here... and the New York Style Bagel! See this Red Star Yeast recipe made, step-by-step here.

Nothing beats the nutrition and flavor of toasted pecans in baking. With Strawberry season upon us, this recipe is a new favorite

Mom’s everywhere are loving yummy treats with families. Need ideas? Check out Bake for Family Fun and all the great recipes at

My daughter Katy will be making her favorite crepe’s for three generations this weekend!  It’s one of the star recipes in Baking with Friends. Get your own copy by visiting the Home Baking Association website today.

What could be better than Cocoa AND Crepes!  Build your crepe skills here.

Thanks for spending time with the Home Baking Association,
Sharon Davis

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