Holiday Gift Ideas from

slide33The Holidays offer great opportunities for giving, whether in the classroom or at home. We’re all scrambling this time of the year, so here are some personal and doable gift-giving ideas to help check  items off your to-do list!

Any number of baked goods can be gifted by combining all of the dry ingredients, then packaging in a bright and festive manner for recipients to prepare at their convenience.

IDEA #1 Make your dough one day, refrigerate; bake fresh the next. Refrigerated yeast roll dough shapes great, tastes better and stays fresh longer.

Baker’s Insider Tip: Add 1 Tablespoon potato flour or flakes per cup flour for best keeping qualities.

Use this recipe to divide and gift four friends each with these dinner rolls!

IDEA #2 “Made-by-me” noodles, crackers or bread sticks all tied up with a great soup! They’re easier than you think and can be eaten now or later!

For a great recipe for Bread Sticks, check out the Home Baking Association book Baking with Friends. The recipe can be found on pages 46-47.

For homemade pasta ideas, check this out!

For gourmet mixes galore, visit Rabbit Creek Gourmet.

Interested in making some delicious Cheese Crackers? Find the recipe here.


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