Week Two of Bake for Family Fun Month

What is your favorite baking memory? Baking traditions, recipes and family heritage are handed down through each generation. Bake for Family Fun Month is the perfect time to share the goodness of baking with your family.

Each week you will find designated recipes, baking activities and opportunities to spend time together in the kitchen. From toddler to grandparent – baking is the perfect family activity!

Week Two: Baking for Your Valentine!

The Home Baking Association has developed the Valentine Quilt Cake recipe & activity perfectly suited for use in the family home or classroom. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, this recipe offers a great opportunity to encourage your kids to explore their DIY kitchen skills. Download the recipe and activity here.

Check out the rest of the great resources the Home Baking Association has to offer:

Intro Video Week TwoBaking for My Valentine
Beginner Red Velvet Cupcakes: Download recipe & card
Beginner Valentine Message Sugar CookiesDelicious!
Beginner Strawberry Muffin TopsA special Valentine’s Treat
Intermediate Sweetheart CoffeecakeA gift to show your love
Intermediate Cinnamon Heart BreadHeart-shaped swirl loaf
Advanced All the Stops Chocolate CakeA delicious dessert!
Intermediate Valentine’s Day Cards and TagsDownload here

There are many more recipes, activities and lesson plans available for Bake For Family Fun Month at the Home Baking Association website. Click here to explore how you can celebrate Bake For Family Fun Month in your community.


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