Bake For Family Fun Month week 3—History and Traditions


This week the Home Baking Association features baking history and traditions. Educators at home, school and out-of-school  find multiple benefits result when families and individuals cook and bake together.

A 2012 Search Institute report, The American Family Assets Study, identifies five categories that help families thrive: nurture relationships, establish routines, maintain expectations, adapt to challenges and connect with the community. More information on this subject

Culinary and meal time routines have proved their connection to these five assets over centuries. Enjoy reinstating what may be lost to your family OR pass on the pleasure of parking the cell phones, talking side-by-side as you fix a do-it-yourself meal, bread side, or dessert. Connect with your community through pot-lucks, “bake and take” opportunities or teaching others food skills.

Where to start? Bake For Family Fun Month week 3—History andTraditions

View how to begin bread, pizza, cornbread and more! Visit our DIY video section of the website

Here’s an idea for a Quick-meal-to-fix tonight!

The Home Baking Association offers recipes and resources to solve all of your baking needs, whether at home or in the classroom. Visit for more information.


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