Baking Activities and Resources for Educators

sharon_kitchenFebruary is crazy busy with Bake for Family Fun Month and other education related activities. Baking builds multiple STEM outcomes, cultural history, lends itself for Science Fair projects and good old fashioned opportunities for creating made-by-you foods.

  • STEM: Confirm students’ plant science knowledge with Teaching Kids about Wheat.
  • Buff nutrition science with Grains for the Brain at
  • Prepare students for baking science and technology with Meet Me at the Mill video
  • Add a DIY grain-to-flour experience at  Gold Medal Flour
  • Prepare to bake using Flour 101 provided by The Wheat Foods Council
  •  Science Fairs: Last week a local sixth-grade science fair featured 35+ baking experiments!
  • KEY: Start with a good “control” recipe like: Bread 101
  • Get started baking your own bread… try Beginner’s Top Choice!
  • Follow with variables, one substitution at a time.  Check out Creative Breads for Educators Guide, p. 10—Bread Ingredient Substitutions

The Home Baking Association members provide many valuable lessons and resources to help make your life just a little easier. Check out our Educator Resources section for more information.


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