Home Baking and Wellness

sharon_kitchenMarch is filled with wellness and service opportunities like baking for others,
or being a baking “coach.” Home baking is part of an active lifestyle. Do-it-
yourself food prep improves the energy balance that controls weight. A 150 lb. 
person burns 135 calories while preparing food for 45 minutes—that’s worth over 10 lbs. in a year! 

Because baking to “control ingredients” is the second most important reason 
people bake at home, become ingredient substitution savvy when baking for, 
or coaching others. Boost confidence with the Baking Substitution Science 

Plan a school, library, classroom or community wellness event and suit up as a 
DIY food prep coaches. Offer the following resources:

How to Convert a Recipe to Wholegrain 

How to bake to reduce sodium or fat, for ingredient allergies or intolerance

Send wellness event participants home with an Ingredient Substitution Guide 

Get yourself or group moving by baking AND taking some super recipes. Bake & Take Month

Teach others with Breakfast on the Run and attach Wellness Quick Tips with its breakfast cookie, a slice of whole grain Carrot Cranberry or Banana Bread or aQuick Granola Breakfast Bun

Don’t forget to enter what you do by March 31 in the Home Baking Association Educator Award opportunity Find more information here


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