Top Ten Bake Sale Benefits

Baking to raise funds for local concerns is almost as old as the U.S.  Whether planning to sell baked goods during, or after school hours, a well-executed bake sale offers students and communities dozens of learning outcomes supporting literacy, sciences, math, health, technology, families, careers and communities.

Top Ten Bake Sale Benefits

10. Apply team work—move beyond individual sales prowess to communal service.

9.  Expend effort to create sales and services using tact, service and gratitude to customers and supporters.

8.  Calculate costs of products, package for profitability, evaluate customer traffic.

7.  Package portions appropriate to individuals and value for families of two or more.

6.  Apply baking science—weigh/divide dough for uniform products; temperatures for leavening and doneness.

5.  Learn and apply food safety guidelines during baking, while packaging and selling.

4.  Post and promote well before the sale. Download bake sale guides, kits, resources, recipes.  Use both printed posters and social media.

3.  Offer options! Whole grain, mixes, par-baked pizza crusts, less sodium, ingredient allergy substitutions.

2. Create labels that sell AND provide ingredient list, net weight, recipe source, date.

1. Read and follow directions as group (activity calendars, sales regs) and individuals (recipes).

Check out these resources:


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