An Old-Fashioned Fourth: The Foods We Continue to Love

The Stars and Stripes are flying on the main streets of America! Don’t you love our country’s best summer bash? The foods we’ll take to our family or community picnics tells our country’s story best.

Early America thrived on cornmeal. Satisfied smiles begin with cast-iron skilleted old fashioned cornbreads or the “latest” in National Cornbread Festival winning recipes.

Vintage breads like Anadama Bread, a part of war rationing years, make for great food for Fourth of July stories around the kitchen table.

Take a minute to honor America’s wheat farmers this Fourth.

The Wheat Beat follows harvest at Kansas Wheat

Stone Buhr Flour provides this great Find the Farmer resource.

King Arthur Flour offers you this great chance to “Meet the Farmers.”

Personally I won’t show up without a fresh Peach Cobbler. Shawnee Milling’s recipe or Argo’s are both good-to-go. No biscuit mix on hand? Land O’Lakes makes it easy with this great recipe.

My July 4th past is made present in the Red Velvet Cake. I’ll forego Grandma’s layers with mini-red velvet cupcakes, home made ice cream and a sprinkle of blueberries. Try these Red Velvet Cupcakes from Rabbit Creek Gourmet Mixes.




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