What Consumers Want at the Supermarket

Dear educators,

food_business_newsWhat consumers want to know includes help at the supermarket! Home baking ingredients, found center of store and on the perimeter, are frequently what today’s consumers want, but may not know how to use. The September 9, 2014 issue of Food Business News reports that low income shoppers (60% of U.S. consumers) look for savings. Baking at home saves thousands of dollars annually when you know how. Educators, 33% of adults WOULD bake more from scratch if they knew how.

Millennial shoppers (27% of U.S. consumers) seek minimally processed and local or regional foods, often the basics of home baking.  With their tech tools, they feel baking is in their grasp. Generation Z (ages 0 to 23) would bake granola and protein bars, if quick and easy. Check out Texas Oatmeal Jam Bars.

Last but not least, the 42% of FCS teachers we surveyed said they wanted to bake more with whole grains!

  • Two ready-to-go supermarket resources, Flour 101 and Supermarket Tool Kit, are available at www.cookingmatters.org
  • Tap local experts through Cooperative Extension www.learningandlivingwell.org
  • Baking “whole grain” is as simple as making a little more than half (51% or more) of the grain ingredients (flour, cornmeal, oatmeal) whole grain in any recipe-from breads to treats! View whole grain how-to video at HomeBaking.org.
  • Practice baking whole grain with Hodgson Mill’s step-by-step Whole Wheat Chocolate Chip Cookie lesson!

Happy baking!  Quoting Jodi Picoult from The Storyteller, “What must you break apart in order to bring a family close together?  Bread, of course.”

Sharon Davis
Home Baking Association


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