February is National Heart Health Month

heart_healthyHeart disease is the number one killer for adults in the U.S., and studies now show that even children have risk factors that put them in danger of this disease.  Fortunately, lifestyle is an important weapon in waging war against heart disease, and what you eat every day is one of the most powerful.” (More at www.wheatfoods.org)

Help friends and families choose concerns and actions. Parade magazine recently featured “Fear this, not that,” wisdom. Heart disease is well worth concern, but act intelligently—“Fear not getting enough fiber, NOT gluten.” (by Maura Rhodes, Parade magazine, 1/18/15, p. 5).

Two good strategies for lifestyle changes:

#1: Reduce your risk of heart disease by approximately one quarter (20-25%) by including daily servings of whole grains. Whole grain nutrients reduce chronic levels of inflammation that lead to disease, lower “bad” LDL cholesterol levels, and promote stable blood glucose levels for good metabolic health. Minimum goal: three servings whole grains daily (Ex: One serving = 1 oz. bread, muffin, pancake)

Baker’s tip: Use 100% whole wheat flour in breads, pancakes, rolls and pizza crust or use half whole wheat and half white flour. White whole wheat flour bakes a milder, light-flavored product.

View “how-to make it whole grain” at: www.homebaking.org

 #2: Preparing and eating more meals at home is a proven strategy, offering multiple benefits. That’s why Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) has launched a national campaign rich with research and resources at FCCLA@TheTable.   Cooking and baking at home DOES matter! Join Share Our Strength and www.cookingmatters.org.

Go the extra step and make a pledge to plan, prepare and share healthy meals as a family. Click on http://bit.ly/1CFje3N Whether a one-time commitment or more, the ultimate goal is to engage youth in planning and preparing healthy meals for their family and to increase planned and prepared family meals. FCCLA’s goal? 70,000 meals by their 70th anniversary, July 2015!

Help spread the word by taking a picture YOUR family meal, posting it on Facebook or Instagram and tagging #FCCLAatTheTable!

Go to many tried and true meal-time recipe links under Members, at www.HomeBaking.org .


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