April Foolery for Whole Grains

whole_grains_sampling_dayDo you have some friends or family who resist the idea of eating whole grain baked foods? Why not apply a little April Foolery for Whole Grain Sampling Day?

Great whole grain recipes are already in your grasp when you simply substitute whole white wheat flour for a little over half (51%) of the all-purpose or bread flour in biscuits, breads, cookies, cakes, muffins, pancakes…well, everything! This move is especially incognito in anything chocolate! You may go 100% whole white wheat with all things cocoa or chocolate.

Whole white wheat flour can be found in nearly every super market, right alongside all the other baking flours. It’s pale golden (“white”) bran color and lighter flavor go unnoticed in most baked favorites.

Learn more about whole white wheat flour at Ardent Millswww.farmerdirectfoods.com and www.kingarthurflour.com

Flour 101 is a great way to share the scoop on flour. Download this resource at www.wheatfoods.org

There are dozens of delicious whole grain desserts to be found at www.bobsredmill.com or www.hodgsonmill.com

Bump the whole grain up a notch and see how to bake 100% Whole Wheat Bread at www.homebaking.org DIY Baking Channel.


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