How to Survive Summer Vacation


#1: Be intentional. Soccer, baseball and tennis set goals and practice skills, techniques and play by the rules. Cooking and baking are fun, but treat it the same way. Plan Kitchen Time 3 to 5 times a week, choose who’s “playing” what positions and what you’ll do. To get started

#2: Read Safe Kitchen Checklist and Fight Bac! Tour the kitchen. Locate, name, set rules and guidelines for use AND clean up requirements. BASICS: Wash. No eating raw batter or dough. Zero batter or oil may go in the drain! Bowl Scraper

#3: Use The Thrill of Skill and Ten Tips…for Success (Spanish or English). Plan what older youth or adults will assist younger children. Achieve the knowledge and skills on our four Baking Guide Cards—Measurements; Baking Temperatures, Ingredient Substitution and Pan Substitution and you’re launched! Check it out here

#4: Print a Food Skills Check List, for each person to mark progress! Try Kitchen Science activities; learn the fundamentals–how to read a recipe, mis en place; correct ingredient or substitution, accurate measurement of ingredients, temperatures, pans, oven use.

View Baking Channel videos; Baking Glossary and HBA member test kitchens.

#5: Share your skills. Demonstrate or enter baked goods at a fair! Artfully shape dough with Dough Sculpting 101 DVD to guide. Bake to benefit a need by end of summer, more info here.


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