Home Baking = “Clean Label”


If you’ve followed the “foodie” news lately, you’ve seen several major food, restaurant and bakery chains have come up with a “no no” list of ingredients they plan to remove from their products. Color additives, flavorings, preservatives and other “artificial” ingredients are going away as soon as food scientists can provide solutions where needed.

This move is, in part, to address results found in the International Food Information Council’s Food and Health Survey. Consumer surveys are here.

The more removed consumers get from food production and handling the more they want to know how and where their food comes from. A sampling of HBA’s “farm to kitchen” ingredient information includes: Wheat and Barley facts; and how sugar is produced (here as well); plus Find the Farmer and (here as well), and dairy farm families. The millers’ tell All about Corn, Oats and Wheat here.

This consumer desire for “clean label” foods—products with ingredients they clearly know—is what the Home Baking Association and its members have provided for decades, if not centuries. You’ll always recognize the ingredient label—it’s the recipe. It lists ingredients like whole wheat, unbleached or a wide variety of other grain flours, rolled oats, corn meal, flax meal, milk, water, butter or oil, yeast or baking powder, eggs or flax meal, salt, granulated or brown sugar, nuts or seeds….you get the picture.

Luckily at home you do not have the challenge of packaging freshness and transporting it tens of hundreds of miles to supermarket shelves or restaurant storage. Consumers want the simplicity of home baking. It’s the methods that may trip them up—or the perception there is “not enough time.”

Active lifestyles include DIY baking! Check out the Baking Glossary and Ask the Expert guidance on baking ingredient terms and techniques on how to measure, mix, bake, cool, wrap and store for family and friends.

Sharon Davis
Home Baking Association


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