Load those thumb drives! It’s back-to-school time!


Before student backpacks snap shut for their first day of school, we have some hot picks for teachers to zip, load and “kindle” – standards-based learning in multiple core and FCS specific categories. Check out these offerings, categorized by subject. And as always, if you have any specific requests or questions, please feel free to contact us at the HBA!

School books with apple on desk

Baking math and sciences encompasses ingredient agriculture, consumer habits, food, nutrition and ingredients.  Apply it all in test kitchen methodology to gain BOTH life, career and STEM knowledge and practices. Fresh picks include

  • The chemistry of Baking Soda vs. Baking Powder—What’s the Difference? Download
  • Yeast and Baking Lessons: lessons,experiments, videos
  • Baking is ideal for learning the science basic of Cause and EffectAfter this activity, have students write their own “Cause and Effect” evaluation of another baked product lab they do!
  • MeasureUP! skills, using real baking ingredients, test kitchen methods. Download

Tummy-drive interest in sciences and technologies.

What is Sugar Video http://www.sugar.org/video/

Sugar’s Functional Role in Cooking and Baking and From the Field to the Table lesson guide and resources 

  • Teacher research-based sugar backgrounder: Download
  • Wheat, Gluten and Health. Discuss diet fads and the facts about Gluten. Power points, facts sheets, news clips, and more.

Set up a Test Kitchen Challenge to bake a SMART SNACK product, sellable in schools for parties, cafeteria or bake sales. First learn more about

 Art classrooms can make dough sculpting a new medium, whether edible or inedible art is the goal. Any desktop can work with “bread dough in a bag.” Check out Dough Sculpting 101 clips, Lab and NEW DVD

History is more fun with A Baker’s Dozen Baking Labs—Each baking ingredient lab includes a history time-line plus related baking labs and historic food-famous favorites like Soft Pretzels   

English classrooms would enjoy the literacy building activity of Book and Bake Chocolate Whole Grain Waffles. Reading and discussing related waffle questions and books builds literacy once, but following a recipe to successful waffles builds it twice.




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