September is National Breakfast Month

What are you doing to celebrate breakfast this month? 

 The Home Baking Association provides resources and recipes to start each day with a great breakfast! Quick breads are a perfect choice and an opportunity to teach about chemical leavening and quick mixing techniques! Be sure to check-out the special resources provided this month! 

While we’re working our way back to school and routines to “stay well and do our best work,” an August 2015, Public Health Nutrition article, “How We Eat What We Eat: Identifying meal routines and practices most strongly associated with healthy and unhealthy dietary factors among young adults,” is worth sharing.

University of MN researchers identified “meal routines and practices worth investing in as home food preparation (including vegetables) and meal regularity(routine breakfast and evening meal consumption).

(Reference: Authors Melissa N Laska, Mary O Hearst, Katherine Lust, Leslie A Lytle and Mary Story. 2015. (Title above). Public Health Nutrition, 18; pp 2135-2145.)


Home food preparation doesn’t need to be fancy or frustrating, just intentional.  Check out great suggestions at test kitchens who put it together such as Land O’Lakes or  or the HBA’s Plan, Prepare, Share mealtime resource directory found here.  Harvard University’s site, The Family Dinner Project offers multiple ways to boost the family meal time draw if you’re out of practice.

Breakfast ideas are a specialty of HBA’s members. Pick from a long list of expert options provided online.

Often those wholegrain, fruit and veggie enhancedbaked items stow well in school or work lunches. Immediate favs to add milk, yogurt or cheese, fruit and go include

  1. Whole Wheat Oatmeal Jam Bars (Smart Snack)
  2. Make a lot of Whole Grain Waffles and freeze to toast, spread with favorite nut butter and go!
  3. Fruity Soft Pretzels, and Chocolate Cinnamon Crisp Elephant Ears

Home prepared foods and regular mealtimes—morning and evening.  They add up to just the Protective Factors we’re hoping for with both children and adults.  One-day at a time, build those skills!


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