Time-Saving Tips and Techniques just in time for the Holidays!


What could make us all more thankful than time-saving tips and techniques, welcome at holidays AND for any- time baking. Catching my attention are methods on how to mix your favorite dough and freeze portion-sized biscuits, scones and cookies so they’re ready to bake-off fresh.

For home bakers, it means no more canned dough, food savings AND premium ingredients, less sodium and best of all, products can be fresh baked—whether right after work, school or for gifts or guests.

For the classroom teacher, it means baking flexibility–prepping dough in one lab and baking in another—tomorrow or next week! You may also be able to better sell hot, fresh items for afterschool events or snackers! Find complete Cookie Caper lesson plans for Middle Schoolers and High Schoolers. Don’t miss Baking Science: Cause and Effect also available at www.homebaking.org/foreducators.

Here’s the scoop on how to portion, freeze and bake-off favorite items by King Arthur Flour’s veteran baker PJ Hammel .

Instant hospitality, mealtime sides or afterschool snacks begins with fresh ingredients, accurate measuring, and mixing techniques. Meet the baking and cooking veterans at Land O’Lakes test kitchens; offering how-to check ingredient freshness, tools and equipment visuals, preparation methods and how-to store products.

Bakers who scale ingredients will find the “volume, ounces, grams” option valuable at  . Simply click on the recipe option preferred and the recipe will be converted to volume or weights.

Let’s wrap up with How to Bake Perfect Cookies videos and tips and the downloadable baking gift tags.


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