Preparing for Bake for Family Fun Month!


Recently a New York Times feature introduced a new culinary term: cakeage—“the fee a restaurant may charge for serving your homemade cake to your party.” If you’re asking why, (or IF), people still bake at home, February is the perfect time to GET the benefits millions still enjoy with hand-made vs. ready-made! Yes, some gladly pay the “cakeage” fee!

We list some DIY baking benefits, but why not take a break from ready-to-eat? Take our February challenge for your home, class, or club: join the Bake for Family Fun crowd.

Make a goal to bake once a week to get started, bake for a valentine, get a taste of history, create traditions, and bake for others.

You NEVER do this? You’ll have a lot of help from our test kitchens and Baking Glossary and

Check your ingredient pantry along with the latest Home Baking Pins!

See baking how-to demonstrated, ask yeast baking questions, or learn from other’s FAQs

Take baking lessons with the pros at and Domino Foods

Strap on your fit-bit (you’ll earn your treats) and apron! Read the recipe twice, measure onceJ Heat the oven, measure, mix and bake. Set the table to eat together (it’s amazing), tweet or post your magic (@HomeBaking), and set the phones aside. This you’ll love.





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