Clabber Girl Bakes for Family Fun!

girl_baking_funA surefire recipe for entertaining your kids—after school, during school breaks, vacations or “staycations”—is to bring them into the kitchen. Mastering cooking techniques can be more than entertainment; it can reinforce math skills such as counting, measuring and separating, as well as improve hand-eye coordination.

Clabber Girl has safety guidelines and a list of age appropriate skills at Family Fun Guidelines. When you have finished your baking project, download and print their School of Baking Certificate!

February is Bake for Family Fun Month!

There’s a new lesson plan for each week in February. Each lesson plan is designed to inspire home bakers while teaching fundamentals of cooking.

Week #1 – Let’s Get Started Baking – Bake Buttery Breakfast Biscuits and learn how leavening makes batters rise.

Week #2 – Baking For My Valentine– Bake up some Red Velvet Cupcakes, download and color a Valentine card.

Week #3 – History and Traditions – Corn bread, Johnnycake – history of corn and other names for corn.

Week #4 – Baking For Others – Muffins – done the way you like them! Sweet or savory muffins are delicious family fun treats to bake and share.


Clabber Girl is a member of the Home Baking Association, an organization dedicated to Promoting home baking by providing educators tools and knowledge to perpetuate future generations of home bakers.

Other Family Fun Activities

Elephant Ears! – A lesson plan for baking that outlines main baking ingredients and their functions. Recipe – Elephant Ears

Make Bunny Ears! – A sweet twist on Elephant Ears – Have fun baking and learn measuring, and teamwork.

Pancakes, from ancient times to today’s breakfast table and beyond… – Start a new tradition from an old-time favorite! Strawberry Muffin Tops

Chocolate Raspberry Whoopie Pies – for gifting at Valentine’s day or any time!

Bunny Cake – Delicious and fun cake to bake and decorate. Fun for all ages!

Home Made Pizza – Made your way, or bake for others. Bake up a delicious and healthier pizza crust.



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