Week 1: Bake for Family Fun Month

Week 1: Let’s Get Started Baking—One, two, three…


Don’t miss the art, science, math and literacy power of baking together. Don’t try to do it all in one evening or day! Stretch it over one, two, three or more days to include reading, shopping, measuring, mixing and baking together to see how huge the enjoyment and learning become for the whole family.

Step 1: Check out the Book and Bake “Pumpkin Pancakes” guide. Download or get the age-appropriate book at your library.

Step 2: Read the story together. Choose one of the pumpkin RECIPEs … read the recipe together. Explore the measuring tools, math and methods—all STEM activities.

View the Measuring Basics video provided by C&H Sugar.

Step 3: BE and DO the chef thing…mise en place… kids love it—it’s a scavenger hunt! Identify and assemble the tools and ingredients before you start. Learn a new vocabulary word: name the leavening ingredient(s) in the recipe.

Step 4: Lots of families need to change a recipe to use a pan they have or a size of product better for their family. Wholegrain pumpkin bread could be baked as small loaves, muffin-sized or even a cake pan.


Step 5: Don’t stop with just mixing and fixing…Use the lesson guide to discuss what you’ve baked, what nutrition it offers, how much baking it yourself is “worth” to your family. Compare and contrast the size and cost of your pumpkin bread or muffin with one slice pumpkin bread or muffin at a coffee shop. Consider how much plain pancakes cost when you eat out. What are the benefits of the pumpkin pancakes made-by-you! Then get ready for Week 2!




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