Week 2: Bake for Family Fun Month!

Week 2: Baking for My Valentine

Your unique valentine is just what bakers love…a challenge! You may have this week covered, but here are a few assists, no matter what your valentine’s five tastes!


5. Sweet, is oh, so simple! I love the raspberry chocolate features this week for Bake for Family Fun— Easy Viennese Chocolate Raspberry Torte

and these Chocolate Raspberry Heart cakes!

For the diabetic challenged valentine, check out these Stevia recipes for some beautiful options!

Got an extra minute? Learn the sugar facts at from Sugar.org.

4. Sour calls to mind lemons and limes. Call me traditional, but say those two words and I want Lemon Squares or Key Lime Cheesecake! Heart-shape a lemon or lime peel garnish for a perfect touch!

3. Bitter and baking may sound like an oxymoron, but get to work! Choose ingredients such as dark chocolate in a gluten-free Meringue Kiss. Or how about a Rye Bread Bowl with a delicious dill spread!

2. Salty and heart-shaped call out Soft Pretzels. Check out many options on our main page of HomeBaking.org Never overlook crackers! There are so many options, so little time!

1. Umami sounds challenging to you? Read more about Umami here.

Not so much when you savor crepes or flat bread topped or wrapped with sautéed mushrooms, garlic, tomato and chopped spinach… see Making Flat Breads video. Read more about Umami here.

Thank you joining me in the kitchen to bake for someone you love!

happy valentines day 2014.gif


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