Let’s Celebrate The Month of May

sharon_kitchenMay is all about celebrating. It’s almost as if you have your own “what to bake” guide with the new Bake Up a Smile e-book. There’s something for your first back-yard picnic, the high school or college graduates, a wedding, Moms, or Memorial Day gatherings.


More than a few of those celebrations will include grilling. Add a great grilled Flat Bread to your bucket list of BBQ skills and never settle for less than Beautiful Burger Buns!

 Whether for Mom or a Just Dessert, never skip an American favorite like strawberry shortcake, serve a crowd with a Very Berry Crisp or cobbler or choose simplicity-dressed-to-impress, like Coconut Almond Biscuit Braid. When you’ve done-it-yourself, don’t skimp now. Whip up real whipped cream.

 This year in honor of both our Fathers, now passed, I hope to bake for another who’s served our country on Memorial Day. It will take a call to a local VFW, Veteran’s Hospital or Retirement Center and may take an extra effort to identify their guidelines, how many you might bake for and if you need to bake for diabetics or other special ingredient needs. Share what you’ve chosen to do with #bakeforgood and find another great resource at King Arthur Flour.

Last but never least, apply Home Baking Food Safety 101 as you go! Take those internal temperatures at the center of what you bake to be sure what you bake is done. You’ll be happy and so will all those you serve!


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