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Home-Baked Hygge


My half-Norwegian mother is smiling at the swirl of interest in “hygge” (pronounced hoo-guh).  She was a master at home made simple pleasures that are the roots to kinship and comfort.  We could all use a few hygge tools in our kit right now.  I think my mom would endorse these five hygge hints to ease the holiday hectic:

 #5:  Prep a hot beverage mix, then use it. Choose something with warm milk, less caffeine, chocolate and herbs for a little calm. I love hot cocoa mix:  Whirl in your food processor until powdery:  ½ cup granulated sugar, 1 tablespoon cornstarch, 3 oz. roughly chopped semi-or bittersweet chocolate, ½ cup baking cocoa (Dutched cocoa is a deeper flavor), ¼ teaspoon vanilla or almond extract, and a pinch of salt.   Store in an airtight jar and use 3 tablespoons mix per medium mug of heated milk or water.  Thank you @smittenkitchen!

Love your coffee too? Unwind with friends with a decaf version of C&H Sugar’s Toffee Coffee.


#4: Employ lavender’s magic. After holding your breath all day working the lists, breathe in one of HBA’s Writer’s Guild pro Nancy Baggett’s Lavender Place recipes Culinary lavender’s comforts range from sweet honey-spice snickerdoodles, to savory herbed popcorn for starters.

#3: Break down prep time…try making dough and freezing ready-to-bake. Just thinking, you might have time to get the dough made…but no time to bake! HBA member test kitchens lead the way on how to freeze cookie, yeast and scone dough to pop in the oven at any time.  Try this Freeze and Bake Scones example

 #2:  Drop, don’t roll.  For some of us, rolling out dough of ANY kind is challenging. Go with a drop or “scoopable” version —there are many sweet and savory options!  Butternut Softies are a great holiday fruit and nut drop cookie and Drop Biscuits are naturally comfort food.


 #1:  Often, eat simply.  Try a whole grain batter yeast bread served with a favorite veggie, lentil or bean soup and soak in the comfort of home.

Even these Top Five cannot guarantee coziness, simple pleasures and kinship when you focus on them alone. Include someone in one of these gifts, and hygge will come quickly to your heart and hearth!

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Baking for My Valentine!


This week we celebrate week two of Bake for Family Fun Month with “Baking for My Valentine” themed recipes and activities. People have long baked for the simple reason they want to do something special for those they love, and we’ve got them covered! Here are three great ideas to make your Valentine’s Day celebrations spectacular.

Idea 1: Visit Bake for Family Fun Valentine baking ideas at the Home Baking Association website for hundreds of ideas! Seriously, it’s Valentine’s Day Central with plenty to share.

Idea 2: Find baking tips and How-to-Bake videos
and more

Idea 3: Make a plan to mix and fix for someone special.

Only time to measure, not bake? Prep a DIY Cookie Mix in a Jar


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Have You Checkout Out Highlights for Children? Look and Look Again!


Baking Resources from a trusted Children’s Brand!

A special thanks to HBA’s Writer’s Guild contributor Highlights for Children for providing baking learning activities for children and adults to share.

Give a Gift of Gingerbread

That’s Silly

Crunchy, Nutty Muffin

Be sure to check out our featured activity, “Look and Look Again,” where children are invited to spot how two photos are both different, and the same.

Devoted to “Fun with a Purpose,” family media brand Highlights for Children, Inc. Highlights has helped children become their best selves for generations.

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In the Kitchen with Sharon – May


From May Day to Memorial Day, keep your pantry “bake-ready” to crown May’s celebrations with home-baked specialties. If its worth celebrating, its worth your personal baker’s touch. My top five suggestions for this month are

#1: Bake a “bite-sized” bouquet of treats to fill a May Day basket made from a large cone-shaped coffee filter or large cup lined with a pretty napkin. Candidates include sunshiney Lemon Poppy Seed mini-muffins or a gluten-free option; bite-sized snickerdoodle cookies, your favorite cube-sized bars or sugar-coated soft pretzel bites.

#2: Savor something new for Cinco de Mayo. Wrap your favorite flavors in a homemade tortilla—made in a bag or bowl! Try fresh tortillas as Breakfast Burritos or Pocket Fruit Wraps, all found in Spanish or English at www.kidsacookin.org

#3: Always treat mom with chocolate…especially in her cinnamon rolls. Included on-site is a ”Cinnamon Roll How-to” video tutorial. If chocolate’s NOT the right thing, another half dozen cinnamon roll options for flavors and types are offered.

#4: Bake your bouquets for graduation celebrations. It’s not as hard as you think! View “step-by-step” pictorials for Flower Rolls and rosettes on Dough Sculpting 101 DVD. Bake centerpieces using the downloadable Bread Shaping for Fun guide.

#5: Set the table to bring back, or make, memories for Memorial Day. Plan tea, coffee, breakfast, brunch or a full meal and bring family and friends together. Ideas to get started are at the new resource. Do a little home work to include at least one recipe from an earlier generation, like a Homestead Biscuit or Cornbread, or a local traditional bread or dessert, if possible. You’ll find a wonderful archive of tried and true baking treasures from Nancy Baggett, one of HBA’s fine Writer’s Guild bakers.

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February is Bake for Family Fun Month!

The fun begins with measuring, mixing followed by the delicious aroma of something baking in the oven!  Family laughter and chatter waiting for a taste warm from the oven creates special family memories!

The Home Baking Association has designated February as “Bake for Family Fun Month” and encourages families to spend time together in the kitchen.   Winter is the perfect time to warm up the kitchen and bake together as a family.  Baking is an inexpensive family activity that provides delicious rewards says Charlene Patton, Home Baking Association Executive Director.  She suggests families visit the Home Baking Association web-site (www.homebaking.org) filled with recipes, family baking activities and resources for families with children of all ages.

The Home Baking Association encourages families to allow extra time when baking as a family.    Resource information found on the web-site includes “Tips for Baking Success”, “Safe Kitchen Check List”, “The Thrill of Skill” and many other resources to help parents determine appropriate age kitchen tasks for their children and have baking success.

Patton says “Baking teaches children life skills of cooking and making healthy eating choices.  Other benefits of baking together as a family include developing math, literacy, history/social studies, science and organizational skills while saving dollars.”

Family traditions and memories are often created in the kitchen with special family favorite recipes.   Set aside time during February to share family baking traditions and special family recipes from grandparents, aunts, uncles and other family members with your children.  It is a great time to start collecting family recipes that can be made throughout the year.

Pizza is a family favorite so why not turn it into a family baking party!  “Everyone Loves Pizza” is a family baking activity feature for Bake for Family Fun Month!  Families will make four individual pizzas and create their own unique pizza from an array of toppings.  Start a family baking tradition and make homemade pizza every Friday night!  Families will look forward to the weekly tradition!  Links are provided with this web-site feature for additional free resources: Baking Glossary, Kitchen Science Experiments, Baking Certificate, Memory Match Baking Game and more.

Additional family baking recipes are also featured in the award winning “Baking with Friends” book from the Home Baking Association. Each recipe includes a family baking activity, fun fact, vocabulary word and children’s literature book.  The hard-backed book can be ordered for $20 plus shipping at www.homebaking.org.

The Home Baking Association mission is to grow the practice of home baking.  Members include corporations and associations that promote home baking by providing resources and information to perpetuate future generations of home bakers.  Additional resource information is also available through member companies.

Visit www.homebaking.org for ideas and explore the world of family baking!

Each week during Bake for Family Fun Month (February 2015) visitors to the HBA website and Facebook page will have a chance to win over $100 in baking supplies and resources from HBA member bookstores and websites. (Including the books Baking with Friends, and The Cultured Chef)

Are you wondering how you can participate?

Send us copies of your favorite photos of your family (or classroom) baking together. Provide a brief explanation of the project or recipe the participants in the photo are preparing. It’s as simple as that! Our favorite photos will be selected to share on our Facebook page, website and newsletter, and the winners will walk away with lots of fun, FREE prizes!

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Love is in the air & it smells like brownies!

brownie_pizzaWe’re cresting upon a new age of DIY… where we indeed, do it ourselves. Given a bleak financial outlook by many economic strategists this year, many families choose instead to look toward the positive. In place of expensive vacations, parents are finding fun and engaging activities to keep kids entertained during holidays. This Valentines Day, whether you are a frugal parent, a fun uncle, or just a budget conscious ordinary Joe looking for an interesting culinary project, look to the Home Baking Association for help.

Those heart shaped cookies, and pink and red goodies can cost a fortune… for office parties, classrooms, or the dining room table. Why not create something fun and delicious yourself? During the month of February the Home Baking Association presents the Bake for Family Fun Month; each week offering the latest tips and recipes for folks to enjoy. For example, have you ever considered making a Brownie Pizza? It doesn’t take much convincing to get someone to go to www.HomeBaking.org for more information.

And as a special treat, stay tuned to our site each month for exciting updates. We offer special promotions, contests, and each month present the latest and greatest in the baking world.

Do you have a baking question that is burning a hole in your recipe filing cabinet? Do you want to chat with some of the best bakers in the United States? Send us a note… we’ll see what we can do.

Find the recipe for Brownie Pizza here http://www.homebaking.org/recipes/brownie_pizza.php

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