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Baking for My Valentine!


This week we celebrate week two of Bake for Family Fun Month with “Baking for My Valentine” themed recipes and activities. People have long baked for the simple reason they want to do something special for those they love, and we’ve got them covered! Here are three great ideas to make your Valentine’s Day celebrations spectacular.

Idea 1: Visit Bake for Family Fun Valentine baking ideas at the Home Baking Association website for hundreds of ideas! Seriously, it’s Valentine’s Day Central with plenty to share.

Idea 2: Find baking tips and How-to-Bake videos
and more

Idea 3: Make a plan to mix and fix for someone special.

Only time to measure, not bake? Prep a DIY Cookie Mix in a Jar



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Baking for Your Valentine!

Forget strolling the mall for the perfect Valentine. It’s not there. If research matters in things of the heart, ours shows the top reason people bake is to treat someone they love in a special way.  Hand-crafted, made-by-you, is the way to go. In the time you’d take to shop, create something one-of-a-kind instead.

1. Designer colored sugars for cookies and cakes.

Measure 1/3 cup sugar in several sealable plastic bags.  Add one to 10 drops of a food coloring per bag and gently squeeze to blend.  Combine two food colors to create designer colors such as peach (4 drops yellow/1 red), pink (1 drop red), aqua (3 drops blue/1 green), purple (3 drops red/2 blue), tangerine (3 drops yellow/3 red) and more!

Source: Baking with Friends, p.67. Order Baking with Friends here

2. Natural colored icing drizzle: Combine 2-4 Tbsp. thawed juice concentrate (cranberry, orange) with 1 cup confectioner’s sugar, 1 Tbsp. dried egg white, and ½ tsp. light corn syrup.  Stir; thicken with confectioner’s sugar or thin with water as needed.

3.   Sugar scrubs for the person who’s just NOT eating treats: Here’s a great one from C & H Sugar, and another from Domino Sugar. Add a hand-penned note for the priceless gifts–time and attention.

If you’d like to find out more information about Bake for Family Fun Month, or the Home Baking Association, go to www.HomeBaking.org.


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February is Bake for Family Fun Month

A surefire recipe for entertaining your kids—after school, during school breaks, vacations or “staycations”—is to bring them into the kitchen. Mastering cooking techniques can be more than entertainment; it can reinforce math skills such as counting, measuring and separating, as well as improve hand-eye coordination. We have safety guidelines and a list of age appropriate kitchen skills and tasks. When you have finished your baking project, download and print our free Baking Certificate!

There’s a new lesson plan for each week in February. Each lesson plan is designed to inspire home bakers while teaching fundamentals of cooking.

Week #1 – Let’s Get Started Baking – Bake Buttery Breakfast Biscuits and learn how leavening makes batters rise.

Week #2 – Baking For My Valentine– Bake up some Red Velvet Cupcakes, download and color a Valentine card.

Week #3 – History and Traditions – Corn bread, Johnnycake – history of corn and other names for corn.

Week #4 – Baking For Others – Muffins – done the way you like them! Sweet or savory muffins are delicious family fun treats to bake and share.

Thank you to Clabber Girl, a member of the Home Baking Association, for providing this amazing content for Bake for Family Fun Month.

In addition, check out the Home Baking Association resource Baking with Friends: Recipes, Tips and Fun Facts About Baking for Kids. The book is written by Charlene Patton, Sharon Davis, and edited by Nicholas Beatty.


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