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Baking for My Valentine!


This week we celebrate week two of Bake for Family Fun Month with “Baking for My Valentine” themed recipes and activities. People have long baked for the simple reason they want to do something special for those they love, and we’ve got them covered! Here are three great ideas to make your Valentine’s Day celebrations spectacular.

Idea 1: Visit Bake for Family Fun Valentine baking ideas at the Home Baking Association website for hundreds of ideas! Seriously, it’s Valentine’s Day Central with plenty to share.

Idea 2: Find baking tips and How-to-Bake videos
and more

Idea 3: Make a plan to mix and fix for someone special.

Only time to measure, not bake? Prep a DIY Cookie Mix in a Jar



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February Is Bake for Family Fun Month


Hands-on Fun! Families measure, mix and bake together. A special family memory is created! The Home Baking Association (HBA) has designated February as “Bake for Family Fun Month” and encourages families to spend time together in the kitchen.

Winter is the perfect time to warm up the kitchen and bake together as a family. Baking is an inexpensive family activity that provides delicious rewards says Charlene Patton, Home Baking Association Executive Director. Benefits of baking include opportunities to use math, literacy, history, social studies, science and art. She suggests families visit HomeBaking.org to find recipes, family baking activities and resources to help families bake with children of all ages.

HBA features a weekly theme to help families plan recipes and activities throughout the month starting with Week One Let’s Get Started Baking”. Other upcoming themes include Baking for My Valentine”, Baking History and Traditionsand Baking for Others”.

Patton suggests allowing extra time when baking as a family. Be sure to find a task for each member of the family so everyone is involved in the experience. The Thrill of Skill resource provides a list of age appropriate kitchen jobs beginning at age two. Ten Tips for Baking Success, Safe Kitchen Check List and correct measuring techniques are provided to help families be successful.

Baking together is a great opportunity to teach children kitchen skills and share family traditions. Make a treasured family recipes or create a new tradition. How about Friday Designer Pizza Night? Make the dough, prepare toppings and let everyone make their own “designer” pizza! Or maybe it’s a weekend brunch with pancakes or waffles! Remember to take pictures to share and treasure in years to come.

Three generations baking

Multi-generation family: African American girl (10 years) with mother and grandmother in the kitchen, baking.

bookandbake_pieEasy as Pie is a book and bake lesson for families. Make a press-in, rustic or rolled pie crust and then fill with a delicious apple filling. While the pie is baking read one of the suggested books as a family to learn more about pie. A quiz is included that families are sure to enjoy. Easy as Pie is part of Week 2 Baking for My Valentine!

The Easy as Pie Book and Bake Lesson along with hundreds of ideas are included at HomeBaking.org with links to HBA members providing creative ways to help families have fun in the kitchen! Recipes, activities, experiments, book and bake lessons and videos are all part of this year’s Bake for Family Fun Month event.

The Home Baking Association is a non-profit association with members dedicated to providing resources to encourage families to bake together from toddler to grandparent and enjoy the many benefits of baking.


For more information about Bake for Family Fun Month, the Home Baking Association, or to schedule an interview, please contact Charlene Patton, Executive Director of the Home Baking Association.

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Week Two of Bake for Family Fun Month

What is your favorite baking memory? Baking traditions, recipes and family heritage are handed down through each generation. Bake for Family Fun Month is the perfect time to share the goodness of baking with your family.

Each week you will find designated recipes, baking activities and opportunities to spend time together in the kitchen. From toddler to grandparent – baking is the perfect family activity!

Week Two: Baking for Your Valentine!

The Home Baking Association has developed the Valentine Quilt Cake recipe & activity perfectly suited for use in the family home or classroom. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, this recipe offers a great opportunity to encourage your kids to explore their DIY kitchen skills. Download the recipe and activity here.

Check out the rest of the great resources the Home Baking Association has to offer:

Intro Video Week TwoBaking for My Valentine
Beginner Red Velvet Cupcakes: Download recipe & card
Beginner Valentine Message Sugar CookiesDelicious!
Beginner Strawberry Muffin TopsA special Valentine’s Treat
Intermediate Sweetheart CoffeecakeA gift to show your love
Intermediate Cinnamon Heart BreadHeart-shaped swirl loaf
Advanced All the Stops Chocolate CakeA delicious dessert!
Intermediate Valentine’s Day Cards and TagsDownload here

There are many more recipes, activities and lesson plans available for Bake For Family Fun Month at the Home Baking Association website. Click here to explore how you can celebrate Bake For Family Fun Month in your community.

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Baking for Your Valentine!

Forget strolling the mall for the perfect Valentine. It’s not there. If research matters in things of the heart, ours shows the top reason people bake is to treat someone they love in a special way.  Hand-crafted, made-by-you, is the way to go. In the time you’d take to shop, create something one-of-a-kind instead.

1. Designer colored sugars for cookies and cakes.

Measure 1/3 cup sugar in several sealable plastic bags.  Add one to 10 drops of a food coloring per bag and gently squeeze to blend.  Combine two food colors to create designer colors such as peach (4 drops yellow/1 red), pink (1 drop red), aqua (3 drops blue/1 green), purple (3 drops red/2 blue), tangerine (3 drops yellow/3 red) and more!

Source: Baking with Friends, p.67. Order Baking with Friends here

2. Natural colored icing drizzle: Combine 2-4 Tbsp. thawed juice concentrate (cranberry, orange) with 1 cup confectioner’s sugar, 1 Tbsp. dried egg white, and ½ tsp. light corn syrup.  Stir; thicken with confectioner’s sugar or thin with water as needed.

3.   Sugar scrubs for the person who’s just NOT eating treats: Here’s a great one from C & H Sugar, and another from Domino Sugar. Add a hand-penned note for the priceless gifts–time and attention.

If you’d like to find out more information about Bake for Family Fun Month, or the Home Baking Association, go to www.HomeBaking.org.


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Love is in the air & it smells like brownies!

brownie_pizzaWe’re cresting upon a new age of DIY… where we indeed, do it ourselves. Given a bleak financial outlook by many economic strategists this year, many families choose instead to look toward the positive. In place of expensive vacations, parents are finding fun and engaging activities to keep kids entertained during holidays. This Valentines Day, whether you are a frugal parent, a fun uncle, or just a budget conscious ordinary Joe looking for an interesting culinary project, look to the Home Baking Association for help.

Those heart shaped cookies, and pink and red goodies can cost a fortune… for office parties, classrooms, or the dining room table. Why not create something fun and delicious yourself? During the month of February the Home Baking Association presents the Bake for Family Fun Month; each week offering the latest tips and recipes for folks to enjoy. For example, have you ever considered making a Brownie Pizza? It doesn’t take much convincing to get someone to go to www.HomeBaking.org for more information.

And as a special treat, stay tuned to our site each month for exciting updates. We offer special promotions, contests, and each month present the latest and greatest in the baking world.

Do you have a baking question that is burning a hole in your recipe filing cabinet? Do you want to chat with some of the best bakers in the United States? Send us a note… we’ll see what we can do.

Find the recipe for Brownie Pizza here http://www.homebaking.org/recipes/brownie_pizza.php

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