Summer is for Potluck Picnics – Ideas from the Home Baking Association

Potluck picnics are major summer fun and they are great memory builders for children.  My mom always made Lazy Daisy Cake, reliably a favorite with all!  View recipes for Lazy Daisy Cake in the children’s cookbook Baking with Friends, p. 20 or  visit the Land O’lakes Website.

Do you have a ton of guests for the weekend, or family from out of town?  Nothing beats the simple Coffee Cakes you’ll find at  Streusal or fruit, I especially like Easy Fruit Coffee Cake because it only LOOKS complicated.

Here’s an extra…

Tired of the same ol’ same ol’ granola bars and pop tarts? Bake quick and easy Oatmeal Fruit Bars. You can add an extra cup of fresh fruit in the filling or chopped nuts in the crust.  Freeze individual bars wrapped to grab and go in the mornings. Check it out at

The Home Baking Association website has many additional resources for your summer baking ideas. Go to and click on Recipes to view our collection. In addition, visit Educator Resources to find lesson plans and activities.


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